BP is looking for investors in WA to be on our YouTube show

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Hello friends, my name is Alex.

I am a long time BP content producer, real estate investor, and I produce the BiggerPockets YouTube show "Meet the Investor" which is now on it's 4th season production. 

I am traveling to the Seattle Washington area in ~late August, early September to produce 12 episodes of this YouTube show and I'm looking for motivated guests to share their story. 

We have completed 3 seasons of this show already (Fayetteville NC, Washington DC, and Indianapolis IN) which you can view some samples of here:

I'm building the list for potential guests immediately so I can find the right people for the show and start building logistics. If you are at all interested, please fill out the google form here: 


- Have a vacant property that you own for us to film on location
- Be within ~1 hour of the Seattle area
- Be a motivated BiggerPockets member

come to Portland we can tick all those box's quite easily..  plus bonus  new construction photos  live shots of underground going in on 30 new lots  etc etc. Big historic home under renovation.. 

Alex, I would love to talk to you more about your show "Meet the Investor" and about being on it.

I live in the Seattle area, currently in Lynnwood which is just north of Seattle. I have lived in Seattle or the surrounding area my whole life and love the city.  Iv seen the growth of the city and the changes that have been happening.  I'm currently 34 and just purchased by 3rd home which is a duplex.  I'm doing a full remodel top & bottom while living in it.  

I'm motivated to be on your show for the experience and to share my story and journey in real estate.  Real estate has always been a passion of mine and something I want to share with my family & friends as well. My aunt is a real estate agent in Seattle & also has multiple Air b&b's in Seattle & Tacoma. 

I would love to talk more to you about myself and learn more about you and the show.

I can connect you with Mike Sumsky. He was on BP back on episode 106. He mentored myself and  is an incredible wealth of knowledge. If you dont want a repeat guest I still highly encourage you to go to Kitsap county. It is the fastest growing market in Washington with an abundance mindset investor community! I recently left Washington but it was my investing boot camp and gave me the tools to be free! I will forever be grateful!

Also, realize that real estate investing is more than just owning the building. I was able to flip a 4 Plex in Tacoma last year by acquiring the distressed second position debt then taking ownership and selling the property at a good profit in less than 6 months. "Being the bank" is always a great way to have recurring cash flow without tenants trash and toilets, and I found that it provides great control over the direction and liquidation of a property when needed!


@Jess Haas @Alexander Felice I'd say we've been investors in Seattle since 2013; we've just been profitable & successful investors who had some clue what they were doing since 2016 LOL.

Would love to be on the show though Alex. Like Jess mentioned, we have 3 under construction now and 7 Stabilized Properties (Mostly small multifamily & single family, 3 Short Term Rentals & 4 Long Term Rentals, 13 total stabilized doors)

We're in the business of working with HouseHackers, Airbnb, & Rental Property Investors as well, and closing 2-6 transactions a month for our Clients in those Investment niches. If you're looking for a REI beginners perspective as well I can recommend of a few clients with 1-2 units that would be great for this!