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Tenants Who Pay a Full Year Upfront
Would You Rent To This Applicant</a>". A couple of investors with little more experience than myself seem to dismiss the caution of experienced investors that had some wisdom to share and "vote" for replies posted by newer investors that may not have had a full run with accepting a year of rent upfront.</p><p>My opinion: I listen to my elders on this one and would refuse basically any instance where a tenant offered to pay a full year upfront. My criteria for income, credit, and criminal background are quite reasonable for the area I operate in, and I am not willing to bend them. Any time a tenant offers to pay a year upfront is a huge red flag, <em>even if they otherwise meet my criteria</em>.&nbsp;</p>">Are bad news, according to nearly every experienced landlord I've seen chime in on these types of threads. However, it seems that many newbie investors (some with even less than my three years experience) like to chime... View more
NRIA - National Realty Investment Advisors

One of my investors has a proposal from them that he's considering. &nbsp;I mean, if they are legit we would ALL be investing with them right? &nbsp;</p>">Has anyone ever heard of these guys?  There is an old post about them about some work they did in Philly many years ago, but nothing recent.  They are based in NJ.  They apparently GUARANTEE 12% returns. I'm suspicious... View more