First time filing small claims court

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Hello, I could use help from anyone who has filed for small claims on their own.  

My previous tenant didnt pay their water bill for $525, I'd like to go after them for a judgement.  When I file, do I just need to file the small claims form, or do I also need to submit the bill itself from the city as well as the lease? Or do I just bring that all to the court case?

Also, can I serve the tenant myself, or does it need to be "someone official" like a process server?

When I've sued/evicted tenants it typically goes like this:

-Go to the local magistrate and file the paperwork (and pay the filing fee)

-They'll mail you the court date in the mail and a constable will serve the ex-tenant

-You show up with your proof; there's a chance the defendant won't even show up and you'll receive a verdict

-If the defendant doesn't pay the verdict you get a lien against him/her. This is done at the prothonotary's office